Encrypted and extra secure USB sticks, hard drives and laptops

Secure USB-sticks

USB-sticks with:

  • Password

  • Pin

  • Two-factor security

Secure hard discs

Extra secure hard discs:

  • Internal hard discs

  • External hard discs

  • HDD and SSD


Secure data-storage begins with a good laptop:

  • Secured login

  • Extra safe with 2FA

  • Long battery life

Heart for data security

We can't ignore it anymore: it's all about data. Not only company data, but also customer data is currently of great value to organisations and their customers. Privacy and data protection plays an increasingly important role and demand of products that protect your company and data from data leaks and fines. With Hart 4 Security you will find what you need to secure your data. This gives you full control over the safety and security of your data, with products you can use with peace of mind. Don't know what's best for you yet, or do you have any questions? Get free advice for the best way of securing your data.


Sentry USB-sticks and H300/H350 hard discs schijven with SafeConsole management in hospital

K300 USB-sticks and H300/H350 hard discs and managed in hospital

Data encryption solultions for hospitals & healthcare

Protection for your company

Our data security solutions are available for every operating system and with varying degrees of security - even for the secure retention of confidential data at government level. We provide high-quality protection for laptops, desktops, security cameras, as well as external storage such as secure USB sticks and hard drives. We'll be happy to advise you on a product that meets your company's standards. In addition, we secure and protect organisations with:


Everything works digitally safely

We have to deal with more data every day. Data brings increasing value, but also more risks. With the knowledge of GDPR guidelines and the latest technology and attack techniques, Hart 4 Security is constantly looking for the best solution to protect your data, now and in the future.

For this purpose Hart 4 Security offers two user-friendly Data Loss Prevention solutions for additional security and management of your devices. Because of the security risks, we recommend hardware-based encryption as a standard, instead of software-based or unencrypted storage media.

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