Who is Hart 4 Security?

Hart 4 Security is a distributor of data security with heart and soul. We offer and advise user-friendly solutions for securing data. Think of high quality protection of laptops, desktops, security cameras and USB storage media.

What does Hart 4 Security?

  • We deliver and advise in desktops and laptops

  • We deliver and advise in secure data security solutions

  • We offer customized solutions in IT security

  • We install crypto moduless

  • We provide services for management solutions

What is the vision from

Hart 4 Security?

Working with data data can be more efficient, user-friendly, safer and cheaper. Technology changes daily and attack techniques are the order of the day. Hart 4 Security clearly maps out these techniques. This makes it possible to limit risks such as fines and image damage. With this awareness, new and smart solutions are gradually added to our product range.


Why collaborate with

Hart 4 Security?

We know that investing in data security can be high. That's why we like to give clear and non-binding advice on why an investment can be good. By opting for no or cheap solutions, you as an organisation have an increased risk of losing control of data. You don't want this. Hart 4 Security will be happy to help you set up a suitable plan to identify risks and prevent damage.

Make an appointment with us

If you would like more information about our products and services, please make an appointment and we would be happy to help you.

What are the benefits

Hart 4 Security offers tailor-made solutions. By inventarising your wishes Hart 4 Security prevents you from incurring unnecessary costs. Together with our partners, we offer these solutions for every budget.

What are the pain points of data breaches?

Guidelines have been set by the AVG. As an organisation, you must have insight into and control the data flows of personal data. By dealing with this in accordance with the set guidelines, you avoid unnecessarily high fines and damage to your image..


With the growth of mobile devices, we are entering a new era. Without being aware of it, we have to deal with it on a daily basis. Therefore Hart 4 Security has two user-friendly DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solutions as an extra security and management of these devices.

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