Hiddn SafeDisk en Hiddn CMS goedgekeurd door de NLNCSA (onderdeel AIVD)

Bijgewerkt: 5 aug 2019

Hiddn SafeDisk voor laptop- en desktopbeveiliging is goedgekeurd voor rubriceringsniveaus Departementaal Vertrouwelijk en Staatsgeheim Confidentieel. Het betreft de producten Hiddn Safedisk laptopmodules (2,5" en M.2) en Hiddn CMS (Card Management System).

Hiddn SafeDisk for high encryption on laptops

Press release:

Hiddn Security’s patented hardware encryption technology for laptops ensures the best data protection, integrity and authentication. This solution protects those that need to bring sensitive data while travelling or working at home.

The Hiddn SafeDisk is used together with the Hiddn Card Management System (CMS), the CMS facilitates escrow for data encryption keys in order to replace lost user smartcards. The system is based on a PKI infrastructure which makes it possible to revoke lost user cards.

Our premier technology has over time awarded us the most challenging security certifications in several NATO-markets, and latest from Netherlands National Communications Security Agency (NLNCSA), Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. Experts from this entity have carried out extensive tests and security evaluation of both the Hiddn SafeDisk and CMS. Following this approval, employees of the government of The Netherlands are allowed to use Hiddn SafeDisk for protecting information up to and including classification level “CONFIDENTIAL”. Bron: https://www.aivd.nl/onderwerpen/informatiebeveiliging/beveiligingsproducten/geevalueerde-producten

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